Kids & Teenagers


Chocolate Hug

During a chocolate massage the body is pampered with one of the most enjoyment and enter taining treatments. After a shower to remove any excess product, the treatment ends with a relaxing full body massage, leaving the skin feeling soft and scented with sweet cocoa. A unique and delicious experience!
Duration 50 minutes


Princess for a day

Express manicure and pedicure for young ladies, which include nail filing and polish in a range of colours. A special hand and foot massage ends the treatment, leaving the skin leaving soft. Add hairstyling by our in-house stylist to feel like a true princess.

MANICURE & PEDICURE  |   50 minutes › € 70,00  -  HAIRSTYLE  |   30 minutes › € 30,00

FULL  EXPERIENCE  ›  € 100,00

Fruit Spa Experience

An aromatic and colourful experience featuring the irresistible fresh scents of fruit. A gentle body massage goes hand in hand with a relaxing face and head massage

Duration 50 minutes



Smart Facial

A hi-tech facial using three different Foreo devices: Luna for deep cleansing, Iris for a relaxing eye contour massage and Ufo for a mask combined with LED technology.
Duration 50 minutes


Florenteen’s Facial

Perfect for all those seeking a treatment using natural products inspired by old Italian herbal traditions and the famous proper ties of plants. Products from the historic Officina Santa Maria Novella make this experience unique and revitalizing.

Duration 50 minutes


Sodashi Teens Special Combi

Purifies the body with a plant extract scrub followed by a body lotion that leaves the skin feeling hydrated. A facial provides the final touch, tailored to individual needs:

  • PURIFYING: The cleansing and restorative proper ties of clay leave the skin feeling refreshed and purified.
  • CALMING: A calming facial to soothe the skin. Unique plant extracts strengthen the capillaries and reinforce the skin. A face massage and mask complete the treatment.
Duration 75 minutes

Full time Mum

For all the moms who want the Spa experience with their little ones, the Four Seasons Hotel Spa in Florence has created an exclusive treatment “Full Time Mom” which allows both the mom and child to receive, relax, and have fun in a unique and unforgettable experience located in our private Spa Suite.

Duration and cost is based on the treatment chosen.