Santa Maria Novella - Massages

“Drops of Light” - Candle Massage

A relaxing massage softened by the hot amber aroma of the candle embraces all the senses, instilling wellness and nourishment

Duration 50 min 
€ 170,00
Duration 75 min 
€ 190,00

“Chianti” Relax

A massage that concentrates on critical areas, relieving tension and eliminating stress

Duration 20 min  
€  85,00
Duration 45 min  
€ 160,00

Deep tissue massage

A high-intensity massage using firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle, easing chronic aches and relieving muscle pain and tension.

Duration 50 min 
€ 190,00
Duration 75 min 
€ 220,00

Trigger Point Treatment

The Trigger Point treatment consists of a high-intensity technique pressing on specific points to provide muscle relief through relaxing movements around the treated area.

Duration: 75 minutes


Sodashi - Massages

Fusion Massage

Bring back the flexibility to your body, nourish your skin and relieve emotional and physical tensions. The combination of ancient Asian and European healing elements will balance your body and mind, encouraging in lymphatic circulation, balancing the energy flow and strongly focusing on enhancing elasticity.

Duration 50 min

Duration 75 min


A sensory experience designed to influence the mind, body and spirit using ancient Australian healing gemstones. Through the power of massage and intention, the vibrations of the Australian plant essences and gemstones resonate deeply with our beings, bringing about total relaxation, rejuvenation and harmony.

Duration 75 min

€ 210,00

Head or Foot Massage

Gentle rebalancing movements relieve tension and everyday stress.

Duration 20 min

€ 85,00

Black Pearl Massaggi

Lux Holistic massage

Whole body and facial massage that releases tensions. With this beautiful experience revive you r body and soul.

Duration: 75 minutes

€ 205,00 

Jet "leg" massage

A reawakening for your body's wellbeing with a leg and foot massage. Pair the Biokalko treatment for amazing results.

Duration 50 min (only massage)

Duration 75 min (massage and Biokalko treatment)