Wet area


A steam bath with unusual spatial connotation. Functional evolution of the Turkish bath, SweetStamPro ensures the highest level of hygiene thanks to the coating of the crystal walls, and the Korakril® coating of the benches.

The fading color of LED bar RGB is reflected on the walls, creating new depths. The patented Air Steam System® offers a higher quality environment; eucalyptus flavored steam released in the cabin from the Korakril® coated cylinder get mixed with air, distributed evenly and heating temperature to 48°C with 98% relative humidity.
SweetSaunaPro is a Finnish sauna designed with care, where tradition is revealed through innovation. The color of the fading LED bar RGB follows the elegant lines of the slats, and emphasizes shapes and materiality.

The harmony of materials esthetically fascinating such as oak wood, crystal/marble wall behind the stove and tempered glass of the door create the ideal environment to satisfy your desires.

The Waterfalls of ice Program with basin containing crushed ice offers toning effects.
Because of its characteristics, it is the cold reaction that best matches with Finnish sauna heat bath or with steam bath.
Waterfalls of ice with flat nozzle wall and timed activation.

Cold breeze
The Cold Mist program with its unique jet spray dispenser spraying very fine drops heated to 39°C also contains blue LED lighting with cold mint aromas that offers greatly refreshing and invigorating effects. Because of its characteristics, Cold Mist is the cold reaction that best matches with warm baths and Roman baths.

Cold rain
The Cold Rain program with his unique droplet jet also contains green LED lighting with Ice Lemon aromas that offers firming, refreshing and energizing effects.
Activation by waterproof piezoelectric button, program duration: 30 seconds.
Cold rain can be integrated with square showerhead with side of length 17 cm and white LED lighting.